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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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two men found dead in marin county, why there is no threat to the public and what they have now doing at the scene. a new video released by san francisco police in the triangle neighborhood, who investigators now hope to talk to. plus days ahead of only the sec 49ers football game and already another big problem, why crews were ripping up the turf this morning.
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good afternoon everybody. i'm brian flores in for tori campbell. they are investigating the deaths of two people found in marin county. we are live from the neighborhood to tell us what drews investigators have to go on. >> reporter: good afternoon. details are still sketchy because detectives are waiting on a search what warrant to get into one of the homes. they want to see if there's a link between the two men that were killed. it is a quiet woody street. something went awry yesterday. >> i had been carrying concrete out to a box on the street all day. i heard a really loud banking noise, sounded like a gunshot. >> reporter: they say the people who live at 154 carlotta came home to find their family
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member, a 61-year-old man, dead in the backyard. >> at that time there was no obvious signs or indication of what his cause of death was. >> they found a gunshot wound. another man killed by gunfire in his backyard alongside a rifle. >> we don't know what we have. this is definitely a homicide involving two people. the question is what type of circumstance is this? is it a homicide? a murder suicide? >> reporter: deputies say neighbors should not worry about their safety. it does not appear to be a robbery but an isolated case. >> any homicides here in marin county are few and far between. >> reporter: other neighbors and workers in the area told us they heard two gunshots. we don't know if identities of the two men. we'll have much more coming up on our later newscast. >> all right.
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thank you. there is new video released by san francisco police by who investigators say is the person of interest of a deadly beating case from earlier this month. this was taken from a taxi cab dash cam. it shows the person who may have information about the vicious beating of brian higgins. >> you can see the victim running on the street towards the cab and runs across with a person of interest following closely behind almost chasing the victim. >> reporter: the person of interest is described as a white man wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and red shirt underneath it. higgins was taken off life support on august 13th. an armed carjacking. this is where the chase ended at about 9:30 this morning. they say three men carjacked a red buick sedan. it is believed the two people
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in the car were not hurt. officers then chased the car through the tenderloin and south of market. the suspects hit another car, got out of the buick and ran off. at some point in the chase police say the men threw a handgun and narcotics out of the car. they are looking for the suspects between 7th and howard streets. san jose police investigating' shooting that happened this morning. as a man was getting into this green toyota when another car drove up and started shooting. the victim was shot at least once in his torso. he was taken to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. they need people to come forward to with information. >> we collected evidence that we found on scene. at this point there still is further investigation as to what motive or whatever >> reporter: police say the
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only description of the suspect vehicle is that it is a dark colored sedan. investigators believe two people were inside but say it is too early to tell if the shooting was gang related. police and martinez looking for a two people that forced them to drive several miles and then shot at them. it happened around 8:00 last night near interstate 680. a driver says a man pistol whipped his passenger and ordered him to drive near the waterfront. the gunman then got out and the two victims drove away. police say the gunman fired several shots at the car as it was leaving but no one was hit. the funeral for michael brown is scheduled for monday. protests continue in ferguson, missouri but things calmed down significantly. it comings more than a week of protesters upset about the shooting of the unarmed
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teenager. tens of thousands of signatures on a petition. they are calling for the prosecutor to step down. the governor called for the national guard troops to begin withdrawing from the st. louis suburbs. a pro test stayed peaceful. yesterday's demonstration involved about two people including the mother of oscar grant who was the mother killed by a bart police officer in 2009. the rally started in four different locations in oakland. demonstrators marched towards police headquarters but were stopped short of line of a officers. >> we are praying for them. we are encouraging them to fight until the end even though you go into the justice system. >> overall police made no arrests for issued any citations and there were no disturbances overnight. a pro test called national day of rage is schedule for this afternoon in oakland and san
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francisco. an american doctor who contracted ebola expressed his gratitude as he left an atlanta hospital today. we have the amazing story on how he recovered and is now spending time with family. >> reporter: almost three weeks ago kent brantly arrived as the first known ebola patient to be treated on u.s. soil. he thanked the doctors who declared him clear of the virus. >> today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family. >> reporter: he became ill while working with samaritan's purse in liberia. writebol has also been released but asked for prove sis. the decision to bring the two home had met questions, controversy and concern about the spread of the disease into the u.s.. >> it was the right decision to
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bring the patients back to emory for treatment. what we learned in caring for them will help advance the world's understanding of how to treat ebola virus infections. >> reporter: despite this promising news the outbreak continues to spread in west africa. the death toll tops 1350. >> do not stop praying for the people of liberia and west africa. >> they hope to share their knowledge. brantly and writebol were both treated with an experimental drug. when untreated ebola is deadly in up to 90% of cases. in sacramento test results for a woman being tested for ebola virus could be back as soon as today. officials confirmed the woman had recently traveled to west africa. she is being held in isolation
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at the kaiser permanente medical center. there is also another pending test in the u.s. for a woman in new mexico. happening now crews at levi stadium. crews ripped up the grass at the brand new field. sal castaneda joins us live from the ground and whether the field will be ready for the sunday's game against the chargers. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. here outside the stadium it looks good from the outside. in fact people have been going in and out and again, this is a nationally televised game between the 49ers and the san diego chargers. news chopper 2 took this video this morning. you can see all of the turf between the hashmarks and from end zone to end zone is gone. yesterday he abruptly ended practice after wide receiver johnson fell. they said the conditions were
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too poor for the team to practice. obviously the team immediately took action. you can see it looks like it is starting all over again. on twitter the 49ers released a statement saying the appropriate measures and look fortoward to hosting the san diego chargers. edge quote. many wonder if it could present an injury risk to the players. they spent $1.4 million on the playing surface. as the turf was installed in april the 49ers have soon to be taking the news in stride and this fan we spoke to says he is not worried. >> i don't think it's a big deal. i mean whoever is working on the grass you have to trust them. you know, to redo the whole thing again. >> reporter: again, as you take a live look at the stadium
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certainly a lot of people walking in. none of the people we spoke to seemed too concerned however reaction on social media is a little harsher. some people calling it an embarrassment and some wondering if candle stick is still available. sal castaneda, channel 2 news. >> we have a special show airing. all access pass starts at 12:30 p.m. and kick off is at 1:00. stay tuned for the point after immediately followed the game. well, coming up fire rips through an apartment building leaving more than 30 people without a home today, the suspicious evidence fire investigators are looking into that could point to a cause. a cool foggy morning is giving way. we have a warm uptaking shape this afternoon. and a two-year-old struck
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welcome back. the aunt of a two-year-old girl killed in a hit-and-run crash
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will be in court. 25-year-old larisha gauge faces child endangerment charges for the death on friday night. police say gauge walked into the middle of the crosswalk with the child and left her unattended in the middle of mission street to go back and get the toddler's twin brother. >> the little girl didn't want to even go in the street. she took her out there and hops back in to get the little boy and that's right when the cargoes by. >> i can't -- there's no way she should not have held her in their arms or held her hand. >> police searching for the hit- and-run driver who is believed to be driving a white mid-1990s four-door sedan. some stores have boarded up their windows following a rash
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of vandalism. it happened at baskin robins yesterday morning. someone fired a bb gun into the store. the vandalism unnerved people who live or work in the normally quiet willow glen neighborhood. >> it just costs people money. if someone gets hurt then it's worse. at this point it's costing us a lot of money. >> earlier this week someone tossed an outdoor table through the window of a starbucks. last week windows were also smashed. police don't know if the cases are connected but there's an online campaign alerting people in the neighborhood about the attacks. 2 investigates goes inside the special program they are using to target thieves breaking into cars. at a time when many police departments are stretched then and lacking resources bart is putting money towards special training to teach officers and staff about how to dust for fingerprints. bart says the initiative helped them connect a suspect to a
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string of break-ins after he was arrested by police. >> we were looking at and investigating. once they got him in custody they contacted one of my detectives on the case and we were able to link up the two cases. >> 2 investigates maps out the break-ins reported since the beginning of the year and reveals where your car is most likely to become a target. bart plans to launch a new effort to clean up the filth in down town san francisco. a three person crew will focus on removing garbage and human waste. the brightening crew will work from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. bart says cut backs during the recession forced it to trim cleaning crews. more than 30 people are homeless this afternoon following a massive fire in oakland that burned through two neighbors apartment buildings late last night. we have more on the suspicious evidence found at the scene. >> reporter: huge flames shot
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from the roof as this massive fire ripped through two separate apartment buildings. it started just before 11:00 last night near 23rd avenue. >> everybody is running out, chaos. >> reporter: he and his wife and his dog all managed to escape this fast moving fire but they lost everything. >> we went to check it out. it was a lot of flames and they just spread quickly. a total of 33 people were forced out of these buildings. the red cross set up a shelter for them at a near by community center. many witnesses say they heard several explosions behind these buildings just before the fire started. >> i heard a big explosion like boom. it thought it was a regular firework. as soon raise woke up i saw flames coming out of the window to the west. >> it was a huge explosion. it sounded like a crash cash.
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we -- -- car crash, we actually jumped. >> reporter: it is unclear if they sparked the fire. crews were called in to fight the fire. it spread from one build to go the place next door and the flames jumped to a third building. >> it could have easily have spread. the firefighters did an excellent job. >> reporter: all of the units were badly damaged. everyone will have to find another place to live. this destructive fire has not been labeled as suspicious but investigators don't seem to think it started accidentally. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. a big difference today with our weather pattern just behind you. get an idea with clearing skies clearing out earlier. today already warmer than wednesday. still stubborn overcast. once again looking to the south
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an unusual summer. they continue to pick up showers and thunderstorms developing this afternoon. here is a closer look at our satellite. and we still have low clouds and fogs near the immediate coastline. clearing skies and still a few patches of some fog closer to half-moon bay. the north bay basically in the clear except santa rosa. take a look. current numbers are updated. san francisco currently 67 degrees. san jose 66. approach it can 80-degree mark. we do have this, more sunshine with exception of patchy coastal fog. we talked about the warmth out there. here is another perspective. yesterday we had a solid deck of overcast out there. eventually we will warm things
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up into next week. still patchy coastal fog but san francisco back up to the 70- degree mark. it has been cooling off and drifting off to the east. today will be warmer but this guy moves in this weekend. it will basically cap our temperatures. it is up maybe today and cooling off into friday. these are all very tiny changes. here is our forecast model. not going to get rid of the fog completely. it regroups tonight into early friday morning near monterey bay near the coast and a few patches right around the bay as well. clearing back to the shoreline into your forecast. a little bit cooler tomorrow than today. take a look at numbers. santa rosa 78 degrees. we are thinking lots of 70s and inland lots of 80s towards brentwood. fremont in the upper 70s. san francisco 70. look ahead at your five day
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forecast with temperatures, not changing too much. cooler into friday and the whole thing steady into the weekend. we'll gradually warm up those numbers. by tuesday these spots could be approaching 90 degrees. >> man. >> it eventually makes a come back. >> thanks so much. now that candle stick park sits empty city officials are gearing up for the next phase, what they hope to receive in return.
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the s&p could break a record high closed. we see the dow is up by 86 there. the s&p up by 87 and nasdaq up by 6. mayor company to report a data security breach. they say it started last january when hackers installed malware including two bay area stores. one is on crescent drive and the other on west campbell avenue in campbell. ups says credit and debit card information may have been compromised. free credit monitoring being offered to effected customers. demolition of candle stick park will kick off in city history that's according to the huffing ton post which reports that a u.s. program is encouraging wealthy people to
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invest in low income areas. the shipyards project aims to create blighted areas. in exchange for their investment the chinese reportedly to obtain residency permits. robins ashes have been scatter until san francisco bay. his body was cremated the day after he died. it does not list an immediate cause of death. it says the case is quote a pending investigation this. coroner waiting on toxicology test results to determine if he had drugs or alcohol in his system. the results will be available in the next few weeks. we'll be keeping a close eye on the changes at the stadium. much of the field was ripped up this morning after a problem with some of the sod. we'll be working to learn more about how they will be ready
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for this sunday's game tonight at 5:00. of course we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great thursday everybody.
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